Friday, 1 November 2019


On the dark Night there was a little boy.He was camping out in the  forest.There was an ugly monster.And it wanted to have marshmallows.So the boy was afraid that the monster will eat the boy.So the boy put the sick up with the marsh mallows.Then the monster was like a dog.The monster ate all of the marshmallow so it was agre.But the boy had a pillow But the monster was going to eat it.But then it was a pillow and he was sad.But the boy was gone because the monster was angry so he ran away.

Dragon with a Cold

This is my readings to is fun.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Friday, 18 October 2019


This is my test


I like math


On Monday moning it was cloudy and cold. Rooms 19 and 20 Went to the hall.after       rooms 19 and 20 assembly the year ones teacher made a move about cinderella. Cinderella step sisters made her do all of the work.So cinderella God mother Turn them into frogs.4 of the sisters hopped was the year tow team teachers time. So tow of the teachers put on the Mask.And the tow of the other teachers acting like Super heroes.i liked the super hero.The other classes preformed too.And team 4 went on the stage to preformed.Miss paret ashed questions to the Actors.And it was nice and funny.And I was happy.